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Efficient logistics

We have been a reliable logistics partner within and outside the paper industry for over 25 years. We ensure that your freight reaches its destination safely. Every year, more than 1.9 million tonnes of paper and other goods reach customers all over the world. In doing so, we always pursue the goal of realising the shortest route in combination with the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Around 350 employees at three locations are dedicated to this mission - competent, committed and customer-orientated. We deliberately use our own equipment in order to be the most reliable partner for you.


Our expertise is spread across three locations.

We are at home here and convey, store and pick your goods. We organise the transport chains from your production to the warehouse to your customer - in 24/7 business, of course.

We support you in your personal cycle.

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Combined Transport

Circular Economy

We control the entire logistics chain and close loops.

Store, Pack and Dispatch


At our Schrobenhausen and Schwedt sites or at your premises, we take over your goods, store them, pack them and dispatch them. This is done with IT support, reliably and in close coordination with the customer.

Safe, Affordable and Sustainable Transport


We look for the most suitable transport route for each of your orders. We will be happy to identify the best logistical solution for you - inbound or outbound - including the integration of storage options for security purposes if required. Our constantly optimised supply chains combined with high delivery reliability also give you a competitive advantage. Several times a week, we load block trains travelling from Schwedt to Hamburg or Cologne, for example.

Trimodal Logistics

Combined Transport

Road, rail, water: we are masters of trimodal logistics. For decades, we have been pursuing the goal of shifting lorry traffic from road to rail. This is how we reduce CO2 emissions. At the Schwedt plant, we operate our own plant railway network with a connection to ship loading in Schwedt harbour. We use this transport route for international deliveries in particular.

Thinking about the next generation: sustainable logistics


Sustainability is at the centre of our daily activities. Around 40 per cent of our shipping volumes are delivered by rail or ship. This proportion will continue to rise, provided it is not limited by the transport capacities of the modes of transport.

What do we achieve with this? For example, every year we load more than 8,000 railway wagons with a total length of 179 kilometres at the Schwedt plant alone. In this way, we achieve an annual saving of around 7,800 tonnes of CO2 compared to journeys by lorry.

So let's protect the environment together and think about future generations. That is why we are happy to support you in reducing your logistical CO2 footprint. A task that is becoming increasingly important, as the EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD Directive) includes logistics as well as raw materials and packaging.

This is why we use rail and sea transport wherever possible. We also only use modern equipment on the road and for internal transport: Trucks with advanced engines, low-noise and low-abrasion tyres and energy-efficient industrial trucks.

LEIPA Circular Economy

We Create Economic and Ecological Cycles

Consumers Waste Paper Procurement Waste Paper Processing y Paper Production Individual Consulting Outbound Logistics Processing and Finishing

According to recent studies, paper can be recycled up to 20 times. LEIPA is known for using 100% recycled fibre paper. Our subsidiary MAD Recycling GmbH collects and sorts waste paper. We transport it to the LEIPA paper mills for recycling. We deliver the products manufactured there again and thus fulfil an important function in the LEIPA loop and therefore in the circular economy. We are thus taking another decisive step towards sustainability.

Work on the Future of Logistics

Making a Career at LEIPA

At LEIPA Logistik GmbH, clever minds and strong hands work on developing modern and environmentally friendly logistics concepts and putting them into practice every day. Our approximately 350 employees in Schwedt, Schrobenhausen and Cologne work in several professional fields, and we are continuing to grow. That is why we are looking for new colleagues and trainees. You are also welcome to join us if you are looking for a dual study programme related to logistics.

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Careers at LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schwedt/Oder 16.07.2024

Kraftfahrer im Fernverkehr (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 10.07.2024

Lagermitarbeiter - Lager Flexibles (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schwedt/Oder 06.07.2024

Azubi Fachkraft Lagerlogistik/Fachlagerist 2024 (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 06.07.2024

Lagermitarbeiter - Bereich Lager Aichach (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 06.07.2024

Lagermitarbeiter (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 06.07.2024

Lagermitarbeiter Einlagerung (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schwedt/Oder 04.07.2024

Transportmitarbeiter im 2-und 4-Schichtsystem (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 04.07.2024

Azubi Fachlagerist/Fachkraft Lagerlogistik (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 01.07.2024

Lagermitarbeiter - Roh- & Hilfsstofflager (Hof) (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

Schrobenhausen 01.07.2024

Lagerzugfahrer (m/w/d)

LEIPA Logistik GmbH

The application is made via our career portal at the provider Softgarden.

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